This page contains some of the CMS pro features, tutorials, and other useful documentation.
Below is the list of pages where you can find useful information about CMS pro usage.

CMS pro Features

Design Sites Your Way

Build your websites with the custom templates and unique look. CMS pro uses a PHP "de facto" standard - html templates, that separates presentation from business logic. That helps you avoid the HTML/PHP code mess.

You may use ready-to-use included templates or order a new one from CMS pro team of professionals. You can choose a template from 3rd party store and our team will adapt it to use with CMS pro. Al least you can create your own template, no PHP knowledge required!

Along with the custom look of your website based on CMS pro you may order custom functionality. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Tons of Plugins/Modules

CMS pro is a scalable software that has a modular structure. The basic core has a full set of functionality needed to operate a website that can be transformed into a powerful portal by means of plugins/modules.

Add the new abilities when you need them! Just install the appropriate plugin to get the new functionality. For example, if you need a portfolio - just install the portfolio module! There are text and video tutorials in our knowledgebase to help you get familiar with CMS pro plugins/modules quickly.

'Installing a module/plugin' sounds seriously, but you have nothing to worry about. It's not that complicated task as it might sound. You only need to perform a few easy steps to get your module/plugin installed. If you want out team to install all available module/plugin for you that could be done for a small additional fee.

Currently we have about 20+ plugins/modules. Below you can find a list of the plugins/modules included:

Accordion Menu
Vertical accordion menu
News Slider
Latest news ticker
Image Slider
jQuery responsive touch enabled image slider.
jQuery Tabs
Responsive tabbed content
Event Manager
Manage list of your site related events
Latest Twitts
Shows your latest twitts with caching capabilities.
Elastic Slider
Elastic responsive image slider
Image gallery with thumbnail navigation
Ajax Poll
jQuery Ajax poll plugin
Video Slider
Youtube/Vimeo player with playlist support
Donation Plugin
Collect donations via paypal
Upcoming Event
Setup upcoming event with cauntdown capabilities
Google Maps
Built in support for multiple google maps
Advert Plugin
Create unlimited campaigns. Support for google Ads/html and images

Full Source Editing

We do not encrypt sensitive CMS pro files in any way. CMS pro code is fully open and you can make any changes. You can hire our team to make modifications for you or find any 3rd party developer to take care of your requests.

CMS pro is written using PHP5 object oriented concepts, it's easy to extend and add extra functionality.

Multi Lingual CMS

CMS pro uses UTF-8 charset that technically allows to translate it to any language. No matter if it's English, Russian, Hebrew or Arabic CMS pro can handle any content easily. Both fronted parts and admin panel could be easily translated.

Powerful Dashboard

CMS pro comes with the powerful admin panel that allows to manage all the content on your website pages. You don't need any technical knowledge at all to operate your website. You only need a browser and basic skills to work in CMS pro admin dashboard.

The Admin Dashboard is logically divided into several sections that are responsible for their own functionality set. Below is the list of Admin Dashboard functionality:

  • Configure the website in own appropriate way
  • Edit pages content using powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Modify your existing menus and create new menus
  • Install and modify plugins
  • Backup, restore and optimize database tables
  • Visually control plugins using drag&drop technique
  • Manage files
  • View various statistics & reports
  • Control user accounts, and setup privileges for them
  • ... and many more

SEO Friendly

CMS pro URLs are seo and human friendly so you don't need to purchase additional modules, or hire a 3rd party SEO manager to give you the best results. The script does this automatically.

We spent many hours reading the most respective SEO advisors to prepare the good HTML structure for you. Each page has the most informative header (h1), titles can be also changed.

Administrator can change meta data for each page.