Do you need a PHP programmer?

I work in the following capacities:

I am not available for hire as a full time programmer. I work remotely and part time only.

I have written many custom PHP software applications such as classified, project managers and eCommerce applications.
I have modified existing PHP code in numerous custom, open source and commercial applications.

MySQL Database Development

I offer mysql database development to build dynamic websites. Most small business web hosting companies offer a MySQL database as a free service included in your hosting package. So, for most small businesses, MySQL is a logical choice to develop their website.

I have been developing PHP and MySQL databases for the past 7 years. Whether you want to do something simple like store form data in a database, or build a shopping cart solution.

MySQL has the features to set up a database driven website quickly and easily.

Debugging PHP

Programming I offer services to debug PHP problems to fix your website errors. This service can be a challenge. People contact me, telling me their site is broke, can I fix it? Without knowing specifics, I can't possibly give a quote or timeline to correct. When contacting me with a request to debug your website, please include the following:

By supplying me with information like this, it will help me get familiar with the problem quickly. Even still, finding and fixing programming bugs can be a time consuming process